Budget Committee Discusses 2012 Funding

by Jennifer Bullock on March 20, 2012 at 7:20 am

Zanesville City Council’s Budget Committee held it’s first meeting of 2012 Tuesday.

The committee met to discuss amendments to be made with the funding for city departments, and is required to have the final budget in place by March 31st. Chairman Steve Kilpatrick said the meeting took place a little later than usual this year.

"We felt that we should wait because the union contracts have been in negotiation. Two of the unions have come to an agreement with the city and one of them is in process," said Kilpatrick.

One of the biggest concerns for this year is the charges from AEP for the distribution of electric. Kilpatrick said the committee was not prepared for the additional back charges from the company.

"That is 300,000 that’s currently not in this budget, so as things go on and we see whether or not gas prices recede or if we can free up that money from somewhere else, we’ll need to cover that difference."

The budget discussed Tuesday evening will be voted on at the next council meeting in order to meet the deadline.