Cambridge City Schools Rally for Support

by Jennifer Bullock on March 3, 2012 at 9:27 am

Residents of Cambridge rallied together Saturday to promote the passage of the Cambridge City Schools levy.

People met at Central Elementary and marched to the Courthouse, cheering and waving signs. Superintendent Dennis Dettra said this is the second go-round for the levy, and the schools need it now more than ever.

"With the cuts we’ve received from the state in the last two years, our renewal will not break us even next year. We will be looking at a deficit and making cuts, if this levy doesn’t pass," said Dettra.

Cambridge Schools have 40 less employees, as well as significant payroll infringes over the past five years. Dettra said it’s been difficult, but he’s very optimistic.

"We do have a lot of support today. The community’s been very supportive. Cambridge has always been very supportive of their schools and we have a nice turn out today…Just like to get everybody out to vote, March 6th, and vote ‘yes’ on the levy."

If the levy passes, it will not bring any additional costs to residents.