Community Bank Appreciates History of National Road

by Danielle Cotterman on March 2, 2012 at 11:25 am

Customers of Community Bank will soon have one more location to complete their business.

The bank is currently in the process of developing their 8th location, at the corner of State Route 83 and U.S 40.

The development will be named "Community Commons" and be designed to appreciate the history of New Concord.

"I’ve always kind of been an Ohio history buff," said Steen. "National Road was always important to me, so when we found this location I thought, ‘Oh Gosh the perfect thing to do here is to make it appear as a building from the National Road in the "hay days" of the 1800’s."

President and CEO Michael Steen said the company is working in conjunction with a developer to not only create the bank, but an entire development including retail and luxury condos.

"It’s always been important through my career that we take corners," described Steen. "If banks can take corners and develop those nicely than you’ll have more economic development through the corners."

The bank is scheduled to open September 1st.