Farmer’s Fruit Crops Survive Cold Temperatures

by Jennifer Bullock on March 28, 2012 at 5:50 am

An area fruit farmer feared losing his crops when a freeze warning was issued on Monday night…

WHIZ checked in with Orlen Bates of O’s Fruit Farm to see if his crops survived the sudden drop in temperature. Bates said he was surprised at what he found on Tuesday morning after dropping to 25 degrees on Monday night.

"We were there for over 4 hours so I felt I had lost everything, for it to freeze that long and that hard. But I came out 24 hours later, the blossoms are still here on the tree they haven’t dropped, the trees are healthy and strong," said Bates.

Bates also has six beehives to look after on his farm. He said that because things have blossomed so early, he may have to sacrifice his honey crop, in order to keep them alive.

"The honey is their food, that’s why they store it. So, when we take their food and don’t leave enough for them, they will starve to death. So, and I’m more of the conservative side so i’m going to leave my honey and I’ll be checking."

Bates said he also likes having dandelions around, as a food source for his bees.