Fire Damages Southard Ave. Home

by Jennifer Bullock on March 13, 2012 at 6:49 am

The Zanesville Fire Department responded to a house fire on Southard Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

Fire Lieutenant Martin Mercer said one occupant was home at the time, and was cooking when she walked away from the stove. The front of the home and part of the second story were fully involved when the crews reached the scene. Lieutenant Mercer said fire fighters were able to control the flames quickly.

"Well we’re just going to keep working here and make sure that we have all the fire put out. With a fire that stretches through the house this much, there’s a lot of places that it can be, you know hiding and smoldering. You know, we had to go through that and make sure everything’s out," said Mercer.

The occupant’s family was not home at the time, and she was able to escape without any injuries.