Former Mayor In Support of Shale Drilling

by WHIZ Reporter on March 19, 2012 at 4:06 am

A former Zanesville Mayor is throwing his support behind new shale projects coming to the area.

Don Mason spoke to the Muskingum County Commissioners Monday morning and expressed his appreciation to the Commissioners for their efforts in shale drilling and natural gas exploration.

Mason, who is a lawyer and Member of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, believes the popularity of natural gas will only go up due to its affordability and lower carbon emissions.

"As more and more natural gas is used nationally for electricity generation instead of other fuels or for vehicles instead of gasoline, you’ll see an increased demand for natural gas," said Mason.

Mason hopes the city will eventually look into converting their city vehicle fleet into natural gas vehicles.

He said doing this could help balance budgets by locking in natural gas prices for extended periods of time.

"Natural gas; you can lock those prices out for one, two, three; five years in advance. So therefore, as you’re planning out your City or County Budget in terms of fuel, you can know with absolute certainty what you’re prices can be in the year 2015, while with gasoline you don’t know what they’re going to be next month," Added Mason.

Mason said fuel budgets could be cut in half using natural gas powered vehicles.