Girl Scouts Continue Anniversary Celebration

by Jennifer Bullock on March 24, 2012 at 9:32 am

Girl Scouts hit the century-old mark this month and the celebration continues…

Girl Scouts from the River Valley Service Unit recognized the milestone with a birthday tea party Saturday afternoon. Service Unit Co-Manager Joy French said the organization celebrates its birthday like anyone else would.

"They’re making friendship knots and they’re making paper dolls that are in a traditional uniform. They brought gifts with them to donate as part of the birthday party that will go to a charity locally. They have a magician here to help celebrate their party and of course there’s food," said French.

The River Valley Service Unit is made up of Girl Scouts from Maysville and Duncan Falls schools. French said events like this help build character and create friendships.

"Activities like this help them just have fun together, build great social skills, while they’re still in a really healthy environment. Those values are incorporated in the activities that we do and they learn those values as part of their everyday life."

The girls also learned about the history of the Girl Scouts organization during the tea party.