Hebron Residents React to Severe Flooding

by Jennifer Bullock on March 16, 2012 at 4:41 am

A storm dumped heavy rain and hail on Licking County early Thursday morning causing schools to close, roads to become flooded and evacuations.

In Hebron, some areas received over four inches of water. Hebron resident Tina Glaser said for her, the storm itself was worse than the flooding it caused.

"I was actually terrified. The lightning strikes were huge from ground, sky to ground. And my husband had to sit in his truck for half an hour before he could get out to come in the house, because the hail was so big and hard," said Glaser.

Residents in Greenbriar Village Mobile Home Park were unable to leave their homes because of the high water. Fire Captain Richard Vance said his crews weren’t expecting the storm to cause so much damage.

"I wasn’t on duty, we brought everybody in, called everybody off-duty in and I think the crews got the first calls about 5:30 this morning, started getting some calls with water in the basement. And then I think about 6 o’clock we started getting the rescue calls. People were calling because they were trapped."

Vance said his crews were successful in getting residents out of their homes…But as for what happens next, it’s just a waiting game.

"We wait for the water to recede, we hope and pray that we don’t get any more rain you know obviously for a short time so we can at least reassess the damage and we’ve got some shelters set up, we’ve got one of our local churches and we’ve also got a church in Jacktown that volunteered to open up so we’ve got some residents there, plus the rest of them went with their families," said Vance.

Licking County emergency crews evacuated at least 10 people Thursday. Mobile home park residents were allowed to return home later Thursday evening.