Local Grower Advising Against Planting Too Soon

by WHIZ Reporter on March 23, 2012 at 5:40 am

Those wanting to take advantage of the nice weather in order to get the garden going may want to be careful not to plant too soon.

Timber Run Gardens Owner Steve Carter said despite the warm temperatures, historically the last frost of the year will occur around the first week in may.

He said frost can kill sensitive plants, and usually plants that are susceptible to the cold aren’t available to the public for several more weeks.

"For the most part, us Growers, are on a schedule, so normally these kid of plants aren’t even available this time of year, your seasonal flowers like Impatience, Geraniums, Petunias things like that, they’re not scheduled to be for sale yet," said Carter.

Carter said there are certain plants and crops that are ok to plant since they are not affected by frost cold weather.

"The cold-weather crops like Broccoli, Cabbage, Peas, Pansies some of those kinds of things, it’s fine to plant now because you normally would, and any kind of Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, things like that it’s a great time to plant now because the frost won’t hurt that at all," added Carter.

If you have already planted sensitive flowers and plants, Carter recommends using regular and even heated blankets to keep plants protected from the cold.