Mall Threatens to Tow BW3 Customers

by Kelly Choate on March 16, 2012 at 5:54 am

People have been pouring into the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Zanesville since it opened last month, and the large crowds are creating a parking problem.

Customers are leaving their cars in the Colony Square Mall’s parking lot and walking across the street to Buffalo Wild Wings.  The mall has responded by issuing written warnings, threatening to tow any unauthorized vehicles.  Local business owner Rob Sharrer found one of those notes on his car, while he was shopping inside the mall.

"I was a little bit upset about it, so I went back this morning to talk with mall management, and I parked in the same spot, walked quite a bit to get into the mall, and when I came out, I again found the same notice," said Sharrer.  "I understand that the mall owns the parking lot, and they’re trying to control people parking and walking across the street, which I did walk to Buffalo Wild Wings after visting the mall."

Sharrer said his frustration caused him to cancel his purchase at the mall and shop elsewhere.  Owner of Buffalo Wild Wings Bob Sparks said he’s trying to solve the parking problem.

"I suggested that I add an addendum to my insurance contract if I lease like 30 spots over there, but their asset management company is worried about liability and safety," said Sparks.  "I don’t see that being a problem, but they do.  Hopefully, we’ll get it worked out."

Kevin Pinson of the Colony Square Mall declined to speak on camera but told WHIZ that the decision to enforce its existing parking policy is born out of concern for the safety of Buffalo Wild Wings’ customers and employees.