Oil and Gas Industry Growing

by Kelly Choate on March 22, 2012 at 5:10 am

The oil and gas industry is quickly emerging as a workforce in high demand.

Schools across Ohio are preparing students for careers in energy-related fields, but Joy Padgett of Central Ohio Technical College said it all starts with educating the general public.

"Today is all about educating the key folks in the community who have decision-making opportunities down the road as to encouraging, engaging and promoting the increased workforce," said Padgett.  "It’s going to be necessary to fill all of the jobs that the producers are telling us are coming here."

Padgett said a variety of jobs will become available in the near future, ranging from truck drivers to engineers.  She said it’s important to train Ohioans for these positions.

"We want people who want to remain in the community, because those people will spend their money locally," said Padgett.

Informational sessions are in the works for those interested in joining the industry.