Orchestra Performs at Muskingum University

by WHIZ Reporter on March 18, 2012 at 11:42 am

The Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra entertained concert-goers at Muskingum University Sunday with a selection of Irish music.

Maestra, Dr. Laura Schumann said Sunday’s musical selections were chosen due to the fact that the concert happened to fall during the St. Patrick’s day weekend.

“What we actually chose to do was simply because of the nature of the weekend. We thought we would just kind of program some more Irish Music for the weekend. We’re not particularly drawn to Irish music, it’s not really our thing. But, we as an ensemble; it made a lot of sense to have some Irish music at this point in time,” said Schumann.

The musical selection included “Shepherd’s Hey,” “Molly on the Shore,” and “Mock Morris,” among others.

Schumann said those in attendance would recognize some of the pieces played by the orchestra.

“A lot of the tunes in Irish music are very familiar. So while it’s played by an orchestra and it’s a very classical style, you’ll hear really familiar things,” added Schumann.

Sunday’s concert is the fourth of five scheduled concerts for the orchestra.