Rollover Accident on Richvale Road **Update**

by Kim Tewalt on March 7, 2012 at 3:41 am

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two may have played a roll in an accident on Richvale road Wednesday morning.  

The State Highway Patrol says they were called to the scene around 10:30 a.m., where they found a white Kia Amanti on its top in a ditch near 1065 Richvale road in Zanesville.

"The white car…was eastbound on Richvale road, and right about the top of the hill, when it came over the top of the hill, (the driver) apparently just hit the brakes, dropped off the right side of the roadway, lost control, slid around backwards off the left side of the roadway down into the embankment and hit the embankment coming in backwards, which is what caused the back end of the car to fold over." explained Trooper Mike Forshey of the State Highway Patrol.

Trooper Forshey says the car belonged to Dillon Lake Motors, and had been taken for a test drive by the occupants.

"The dealership is going to have to provide the insurance information on it." said Forshey. "They’re going to have to cover the car, and whatever the policy is for the dealership will cover the injuries to the occupants of the car."

Forshey says the female driver was transported to Good Samaritan hospital. He says the injuries seemed to be minor. The male passenger was not treated by EMT staff. There were no other cars involved in the accident.

The owner of Dillon Lake Motors was out of town and unavailable for comment on the incident.