Rosecrans v. Hiland Game

by JT Raymond on March 8, 2012 at 5:23 am

To avoid a situation like last year, tickets for the Rosecrans and Hiland District Final game will only be sold through the two schools. Rosecrans will begin selling their allotment of tickets at 8 AM and will sell them until they are gone. No Tickets will be Sold at Meadowbrook High School.

Meadowbrook High School will NOT be selling tickets at the door. All tickets will be sold by the schools playing in the game.

Please contact them to obtain tickets. Also, the only passes that will be accepted at the pass gate will be the green Eastern District issued administrator passes.

All Eastern District head coaches and ONE guest will be admitted through the pass gate as well. If you plan on using these passes please contact the tournament director at Meadowbrook High School in advance.

It is imperative that if you plan to use your pass that you call in advance in order for the host site to remain in compliance with all State and Federal Fire Marshall guidelines.

There will be no exceptions.