Rotary Rose Day Sale

by WHIZ Reporter on March 13, 2012 at 6:24 am

The Zanesville Rotary Clubs are continuing a 38-year tradition of roses.

Since 1974, the club has been selling different varieties of long-stem roses.

Rose Day chairman Tom Lear explained how the long-standing tradition began in Zanesville.

"A Rotarian and Local florist, John Imlay was looking for a project to raise money, and John came up with this idea of selling roses, and we’ve been doing it now for 38 years," said Lear.

On Tuesday, Lear and other Rotarians unloaded boxes of roses.

Lear said during one year the organization will sell over two thousand dozen roses.

He said flowers can be purchased from Rotary Club members or certain local businesses.

"You can purchase them at Imlay’s in Downtown Zanesville, Giacomo’s Deli and bread on Maple Avenue, and you can go onto and also order them on there," added Lear.

Proceeds go to the Rotary Club to fund local charitable projects.

The rose sale continues through March 28th while supplies last at $18 a dozen.