Seniors Bowl for Kids Sake

by Kelly Choate on March 29, 2012 at 4:55 am

Area seniors are doing their part to contribute to the Muskingum County Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser.

Although the seniors weren’t using "real" bowling balls, they were knocking down pins with Wii remotes.  Tracy Rector of the Willow Haven Care Center said the tournament is a way for the seniors to get exercise and help the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization at the same time.

"They are a very important part of our community," said Rector.  "Transportation and accessibility to regular bowling lanes is not necessarily easy for seniors, so this is a way for them to get involved, and they have a blast with it."

Each team has a goal to raise $500 for the charity.  Bowlers Martha Scott and Regina Jones put in a lot of practice time to compete in Thursday’s challenge.

"I used to bowl before I got sick, so I’ve always enjoyed bowling," said Jones.  "I’ve bowled before too," said Scott.  "I really enjoy it."

Bowl for Kids Sake is wrapping up in Muskingum County, but Guernsey County will host another event on April 21st at King Pin Lanes in Cambridge.