Sheriff’s Dispatchers Eligible for National Award

by Jennifer Bullock on March 28, 2012 at 5:39 am

Two dispatchers with the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office are being recognized nationally…

Joleen Kinsel and Bill Rowe received Gold Star Dispatchers Awards from the state for their efforts during last year’s exotic animal incident. Sheriff Matt Lutz said that with all of the chaos that night, they handled their job flawlessly.

"Joleen Kinsel and Bill Rowe were the two dispatchers that worked that evening leading up to that and then into the night, and the days after that, and did a phenomenal job with not only handling their every day duties, but taking an incident of that magnitude and adding that on top of their plate," said Lutz.

Kinsel and Rowe are eligible for the 2012 Smart Telecommunicator Award. Lutz said they are two of the 20 finalists nationwide.

"It’s a very tedious job, and it’s a very hard job and they did a phenomenal job. Just to be recognized for the Gold Star Awards at the state level is a huge deal. So just being selected to be one of the finalists for the national award is great."

The public can vote for the dispatchers by visiting