Teens Participate in “Prevention Day”

by Jennifer Bullock on March 31, 2012 at 7:37 am

Over 50 area teenagers volunteered their free time to learn something outside of school Saturday…

Muskingum Behavioral Health hosted "Peer Prevention Day" at Hallowed Hills Campground. Prevention Coordinator Kris Headley said the education focused on a number of topics that affect teens daily.

"They’re learning from their other peers, which seems to be more effective. So they’re learning about drug and alcohol awareness, how to prevent bullying and violence in the community, and just how to get along with everybody in their schools," said Headley.

The teens heard from speakers, played educational games and worked in focus groups. Headley said she hopes they can pass the information along to other students in the community.

"Believing in the strength of you. Knowing what’s wrong and having enough courage to say "no" to that, and be positive. Have positive decision making follow through with you, and encourage that from other students, instead of encouraging, maybe, not-so-good choices," said Headley.

Muskingum Behavioral Health hopes to host a similar event in the fall.