Tornado Siren Testing Goes Smoothly

by Jennifer Bullock on March 28, 2012 at 5:33 am

As we approach the beginning of April, we are also looking at the start of tornado season in our neck of the woods…

Muskingum County took part in the statewide test of tornado sirens Wednesday morning at 9:50. The local Emergency Management Agency checked all 41 tornado sirens in Muskingum County. E.M.A Director Bo Keck said it went well despite a couple of glitches.

"We had two sirens we had a little issue with. One of them was batteries and the other was an electrical connection came undone. They’ve both been repaired already, so all 41 sirens are in working condition," said Keck.

Wednesday was the first test for two new sirens in Muskingum County. Keck said testing for those sirens went off without a hitch…

"We had the two new sirens did activate up in Trinway and Stringtown. We got positive results up there, several people called in they did hear them and heard them well, so that’s great. It was a good test, it’s a way for us of course to know that all the sirens are in working condition."

The E.M.A will conduct siren tests every Wednesday at noon through the summer months.