Tornado Sirens to be Tested Wednesday

by WHIZ Reporter on March 28, 2012 at 2:47 am

Emergency Management Agencies across Ohio are gearing up for a state-wide test of outdoor tornado sirens Wednesday as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Tornado season in Ohio typically runs from April through July, but as seen earlier this month, severe weather can happen when conditions are ideal.

On March 2nd, The National Weather Service reported Seven Tornadoes in the Buckeye State– the strongest being an EF-3 tornado producing winds between 136-165 mph.

All 41 sirens in Muskingum County including two new sirens will sound off Wednesday morning at 9:50 as part of the state-wide test.

"Those are in Stringtown up off of Dresden Road, and the other one is in Trinway. These are new sirens, they’re high, they’re in heavily populated areas, so some people might be surprised," said Muskingum County E.M.A. Director, Bo Keck.

Keck told WHIZ’s Gabe Ross that wants to make sure all sirens in the county are working in the event severe weather strikes.

"If any of them do not work for any reason, they’ll be back Wednesday afternoon and Thursday to be repaired.   We do everything we can do to keep every siren running," added Keck.

It’s important to know what to listen for when you hear a siren go off. Keck said there’s a distinct difference between a tornado and a fire siren.

"They’ll come up and hold at a solid tone for three minutes, the fire sirens– the departments that are still using them, they’ll go up and down in what we call a, "wail" function," Keck described.

In addition to listening to outdoor tornado sirens, having access to indoor severe weather warnings is just as important.

Weather radios are the standard for severe weather watches and warning from the National Weather Service.

When a tornado warning is issued, remember the acronym, "DUCK":

D – Go DOWN to the lowest level
U – Get UNDER something (like a basement staircase or heavy table or desk)
C COVER your head
KKEEP in the shelter until the storm has passed

"When severe weather Is coming up, turn on to the local radio or TV stations wherever you live, the one that’s closest to you, of course WHIZ is really good at covering everything and just watch them, because that’s what I do."

WHIZ has many ways for you to track severe weather including our free "WHIZ Wx" app– available for the iPhone or Android mobile devices.

At, you can track local weather in your area by clicking the "weather" tab at the top of the page, and selecting, "Click here for Interactive Radar" at the bottom of the page.

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