Unstable Weather Worries Local Farmer

by Jennifer Bullock on March 26, 2012 at 3:15 am

A local farmer isn’t too happy with the mild winter and record breaking spring temperatures we’ve had…

Orlen Bates of O’s Fruit Farm started his farm in late 2008. He said Monday night’s freeze warning and a sudden drop in temperatures could put his young crops in danger.

"My peach trees have already bloomed. My apricots have bloomed and already got the fruit set on it so they’re done blooming for the season when they really shouldn’t have even started," said Bates.

Fruit isn’t the only thing Bates has to worry about on his farm. He also has six beehives to pollenate his crops and for making honey, which is one of his biggest profits.

"Now I might have a problem with the bees not getting any nectar come May because everything has bloomed so early. Chances are I won’t have a honey crop this year because I’ll have to leave everything for the bees to survive on, so this year’s honey crop’s probably not going to happen."

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