2-1-1 Call Center Shifting Gears

by Kelly Choate on April 16, 2012 at 5:06 am

With tax day on Tuesday, the Southeast Ohio 2-1-1 Call Center is just about finished fielding tax prep calls.

The United Way provided free tax counseling services to eligible individuals and families from January through March.  Call Center Manager Audrey Foster said the clinics helped hundreds of people receive the maximum refund, and she shared some last-minute advice for those who haven’t filed their paperwork yet.

"Probably the best thing we would tell them is to go online and do it through the Ohio Benefit Bank at this point to get it done quickly and free," said Foster.

The call center is now shifting gears to summertime needs.  Foster said volunteers are being recruited for day camps, hot meal programs and Operation Feed.

"All I can say is you give back a whole lot more than you give," said Foster.  "When everyone is doing their part, I always think of it as teamwork when you’re all helping and finding that area where there’s just a real need."

If you’re interested in upcoming volunteer opportunities, dial 2-1-1 or visit www.unitedwayofmpm.org.