4th Annual Community Baby Shower

by WHIZ Reporter on April 6, 2012 at 5:45 am

Operation Feed is raising money for needy babies in our area.

The 4th annual Community Baby Shower was held Friday outside of Riesbeck’s Pick-N-Save in South Zanesville.

Operation Feed Program Specialist Sandy Baughman said the store helped to supply items to customers to donate.

"Pick-N-Save donates all the product. We sell it to– say you by one of the baggies, and donate the bag to us, then Pick-N-Save also donates the cash from that, so we get both," said Baughman.

Wood crates outside of Pick-N-Save were filled with donated supplies including diapers, formula, and baby powder.

Baughman said that food and formula are always in high demand for babies.

"Our biggest need really is diapers and formula– it’s our biggest thing, people come in more often for that than anything, because that’s what they need, is formula really– every baby needs formula," added Baughman.

The event raised $1,100 last year. Baughman hopes to raise even more during this year’s drive.