George Hiotis

Animal Owners Group Works To Stop Law

by George Hiotis on April 10, 2012 at 1:24 am

An animal owners group in Ohio says it’s now focused on stopping proposed regulations on exotic animals from becoming state law.  The Ohio Association of Animal Owners had been working with officials to help write a framework for legislation months before Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputies were forced to kill dozens of dangerous animals let loose last fall from their cages by their suicidal owner Terry Thompson.  Now that legislation is before State Lawmakers, the group’s members are gunning for the bill’s demise because they say it’s unfair to private owners.  Polly Britton, the Group’s Lobbyist, says the will would need an overhaul to win its support.  The measure would ban new ownership of exotic animals, allowing current owners to keep their pets by obtaining a new state-issue permit by 2014 and meeting other conditions.