Area Family Raising Money for Deceased Father

by WHIZ Reporter on April 13, 2012 at 7:57 am

An area family is turning to the community for help after their father unexpectedly passed away.

A funeral service is being held Monday at the Burrell Funeral Home for 52-year-old Rick Chandler, who died in his sleep Easter Sunday.

Chandler’s daughter, Mary said that they need to raise $3,500 for funeral expenses for her father, who she describes as a friendly, "fix-it" man.

"He had a lot of friends, and my dad was like a, "Mr. Fix-it," and he was always fixing something, like a lawnmower or somebody’s car– that’s the types of thing that he did," said Chandler.

Chandler and her brother, Eugene Mayle, have been selling spaghetti dinners all week to raise money, and have set up the "Rick Chandler Burial Fund" at Century National Bank.

Mayle said that they only have until Sunday night to raise the funds, as the funeral home can’t hold him if they don’t have the money.

"It’s very hard," said Mayle.  "It almost makes you feel like, we don’t have the capability to take care of our own, and sometimes these situations like this, that can’t be helped, I mean we had to do this last year because I lost a son to leukemia."

Donations can be made at any Century National Bank in Zanesville.

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