Brandywine Culvert Repairs To Start Soon

by WHIZ Reporter on April 2, 2012 at 5:16 am

A culvert that collapsed nearly a year ago on Brandywine Boulevard on the city’s north end will soon be ready to repair.

Zanesville Public Service Director Mike Sims said Zemba Brothers will be awarded the bid to do repairs on the 12 by 19 foot culvert.

Sims said the work will begin as soon as the funds become available to his office.

The culvert runs along and behind the Colony Square Mall."Hopefully we can get this thing going within the next two to three weeks, and about thirty days of construction, they will have to close Brandywine Boulevard for the entire time of construction," said Sims.

An additional $200,000 was offered to the project as an Emergency Fund Grant from Ohio Public Works Commission.

The project was estimated to cost $550,000 to complete, Sims said the bid from Zemba Brothers will cost the city just under $500,000.

"As soon as we can get approval from O.W.D.A. for a loan for the balance, they met last Thursday, I should know where were at yet by this week, Typically it’s not an issue to get approval, as long as the paperwork is correct," added Sims.

The culvert runs along and behind the Colony Square Mall.