Cake Auction Up From Last Year

by Danielle Cotterman on April 27, 2012 at 4:52 am

The first official day of the Carr Center Cake Auction kicked off on Thursday.

Highlighted at Thursday’s auction were the first place winners of the "People’s Choice Award".

The two winning cakes were made by the Cakery Company for it’s Lego design and Sheena’s Sweets for it’s design featuring Disney’s Lady and The Tramp.

"As you can see there are literally 380 to 400 cakes that are beautifully decorated, so uniquely," said Executive Director of The Carr Center John Hajjar, "but those two just happened to come to the top by the People’s Choice."

As part of the Cake Auction, incentives are also up for bid. The top bidder of each incentives is not only awarded the incentives, but a made-to-order cake created by Zandex Healthcare’s Cooperate Chef Bill Bird.

"The most special thing about it is because they’ve supported the Carr Cake Auction, I’m making them a fresh, edible, nice gourmet cake that they can select the flavor they want instead of just giving them a cake," said Bird. "I think it’s a special touch to make it here for them special ."

The auction will resume Friday morning, beginning at 8:15 a.m. All proceeds benefit the Carr Center.

Bids can be placed by calling 740-453-2525, or in person at The Colony Square Mall.

The total raised from day one was $55,960. Last year after day one the Carr Center raised $48,120.