Carr Center Cake Auction Coming Up

by Jennifer Bullock on April 9, 2012 at 5:01 am

It’s that time of year again for bakers, bidders and buyers…

The Carr Center is holding its 26th Annual Cake Auction this month. Executive Director John Hajjar said proceeds from the auction cover about one-fourth of the center’s annual budget.

"It’s usually well north of 100 thousand dollars that we raise. We don’t set a goal, so that we don’t disappoint anyone, but we certainly think that this year will be a wonderful year," said Hajjar.

The Carr Center is known for its adult daycare center for anyone 18 and older, but Hajjar said the money raised through the auction benefits another central function, that many may not know about…

"Youth services, where we have group and private speech therapy for children, preschool and school-age children, where they come in and they work in groups or one-on-one with our speech therapists, our service coordinators," said Hajjar.

The auction takes place at Colony Square Mall on April 26th and 27th and will be broadcast live on AM1240 radio and our website.