Childrens Services Holding Basket Raffle

by WHIZ Reporter on April 24, 2012 at 4:49 am

Muskingum County Children’s Services is holding a basket raffle to benefit Operation Feed.

Each unit of Children’s Services contributed a basket towards the raffle.

Operation Feed Chairwoman, June Smith said the basket raffle is just one of the many fundraisers that Children’s Services holds during the year.

"We’re selling tickets, They’re 6 for $5.00 or $1.00 a piece. We’ve taken them to some different places, and displayed them, we will be at the Art Walk in the Masonic Temple building on May 4th, or they can come here to buy tickets at Children’s Services," said Smith.

Some baskets being raffled off are valued at over $600.

Featured in the raffle this year is a mystery basket, donated by the Sunrise Unit of Children’s Services.

Smith said the basket has aroused interest of many who have bought tickets.

"They decided that it would be fo,  the gamblers among us. We’d like to take a chance on something that we’re not sure what it is. So that is how that one came about," added Smith.

Smith hopes to raise at least $1,000 in the basket raffle.