Church Hosts Major Easter Egg Hunt

by Jennifer Bullock on April 7, 2012 at 5:21 am

Kids brought their baskets to one of the biggest Easter egg hunts in our area…

About 6,000 eggs were hidden around 12 acres of land at Dresden Road Baptist Church. Pastor Gary Butler said it’s something his church has been planning for a while.

"We’re very excited. We wanted to do something to reach out to our community. As a church, we’ve been trying to reach out, and get out of the pew and get into the pavement, is what we’ve been saying. So we’ve been trying to reach out to our community, and this is just one way this year that we’re going to reach out," said Butler.

The kids were also entered into a raffle for a brand new bike. Butler said everyone was welcome to participate.

"Open to all the community, anybody’s welcome. It’s for all age groups. We have a special are designated for preschoolers and young walkers, so that they don’t get trampled in the rush out here, but we’re just excited about what’s going on."

The church is already focusing on next year’s egg hunt… It’s expected to have at least 10,000 eggs.