Cooler Temperatures Destroy Fruit Crops

by Jennifer Bullock on April 11, 2012 at 5:13 am

The drop in temperatures brought on the worst for a local fruit farmer…

Just last month, Orlen Bates of O’s Fruit Farm was sure his crops would be fine this year, even after blooming earlier than usual. After a week of cooler temperatures, they couldn’t survive the drastic change.

"We’ve had consistent nights of 30 degrees and frost, a combination…And I think the combination of all that caused the apricots, peach and plums to all drop, so I don’t have a crop this year for that," said Bates.

The six beehives on Bates’ farm produce his usual honey crop. He said his bees will need it more after this year’s loss, in order to survive.

"When everyone likes the warm weather in the spring, I’m not one that likes that. I know it’s not normal, and I know the fruit will be damaged because of that. So, I’m not out there cheering for warm weather during the spring warm-up."

As for his next move, Bates said he’ll focus on expanding and planting more.