Coshocton Hosts 21st Beagle Nationals

by Jennifer Bullock on April 15, 2012 at 1:13 am

Coshocton County was overrun by dogs Saturday afternoon…

The United Kennel Club is hosting the 21st Annual Beagle Nationals at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds. Beagle Programs Manager Jed Nichols said the beagles are judged in the competition, based on their skills.

"These beagles are bred and raised and trained to run cotton tail rabbits, and they follow the scent with their nose. No rabbits are ever caught or harmed in these events…And it’s for sport," said Nichols.

Close to 350 beagles were entered into the national competition. Nichols said the event was moved from Holmes County five years ago, to accommodate the large crowd.

"We have a great amount of people here. It didn’t hurt at all, it actually helped. We needed a better facility and what not, and that’s what we were able to find by moving, moving and little bit further south to Coshocton."

The competition continues through Sunday.