Day Two of the Cake Auction

by Kelly Choate on April 27, 2012 at 6:19 am

The phones were ringing off the hook as eager buyers placed bids on beautifully decorated cakes and even sweeter incentives.

The Carr Center hosted day two of its 26th annual cake auction at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville.  Co-chair Scott Boyer said more than 200 volunteers have been working hard to make this event possible.

"The stuff we do out here on the center stage is the easy part," said Boyer.  "It’s the volunteers that are behind the scenes who no one sees that do just an outstanding job."

All proceeds from the auction benefit the Carr Center, which provides services to Muskingum County families in need.  Boyer said he’s impressed by the generous donations, especially during difficult economic times.

"It’s just amazing what this community will do to support each other," said Boyer.  "Even when times are hard, people will come out and donate time and money to the community.  I retired from the Navy, and I’ve lived in numerous places, but I was never in another area that’s like this."

This year’s event raised about $140,000 compared to $131,000 in 2011.