Earth Day Celebrated at Park Central

by Jennifer Bullock on April 22, 2012 at 4:56 am

Zanesville is taking part in the Earth Day celebration…

The 4th annual Earth Day in the Park was held at YMCA Park Central on saturday. The goal of the event is to get people outside and embrace Mother Nature.

It helps people take ownership of their community, when they can do something to help make their community better. So, that is the goal of our clean up…To get people out in nature and see how beautiful it is, and also to help make it more beautiful and cleaner," said event organizer Kris Fowler-Geis.

Activities included a park-wide clean up, a nature hike, and educational displays by area businesses.

"It’s not just about the environment, it’s about creating a stronger community also. So, we have different organizations from throughout the community that are here to talk about the things they do for our community and for the environment."

People even had the chance to take a ride in an environmentally-friendly electric car.