George Hiotis

Exotic Animal Hearing On Quarantine Order

by George Hiotis on April 23, 2012 at 4:44 am

A state-appointed lawyer is set to hear arguments Monday over Ohio’s quarantine order for five animals kept at the Columbus Zoo since an exotic animal release in Muskingum County in October.  The Zoo began caring for three leopards, two primates and a bear after their suicidal owner released dozens of animals that had to be killed by Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputies at the Terry Thompson farm on Kopchak Road.  One leopard was euthanized after it was struck by a door lowering between two enclosures.  The owners, widow Marian Thompson, who demanded the appeal hearing questions whether the state had the authority to quarantine the animals on the suspicion of potential dangerous infectious diseases.  Thompson has sought medical testing to prove the quarantine isn’t needed.  The surviving animals have been medically tested, but state officials have yet to receive the results.