ForeverDads Holds Fieldhouse Event

by WHIZ Reporter on April 27, 2012 at 8:37 am

It was an event that raised the question, "Who let the dads out?"

Dads and their kids were invited to an evening of fun and games at the Fieldhouse as a part of the ForeverDads program.

Jeff Wickerham of ForeverDads said the overall goal is for dads to spend time with their children and to take a pro-active role in their lives.

"Get those father figures involved, make them aware of what’s going on in their kids’ lives because there’s a lot of dads who aren’t and we need these positive role models in these kids lives."

The event is in conjunction with the All Pro Dads Day coming up next month.

Wickerham, who has been apart of the organization for just over two months, said in a job where he sees the worst in dads, he wants to make a difference for kids.

"I saw what they were doing, and was introduced to the director, Burl, and thought, "You know what? this is pretty cool," and what I do for a job, I see a lot of dads who aren’t involved in kids lives and I want to try to flip that around."

Dads and kids alike took part in an obstacle course, along with football, basketball and soccer.