Girl Scouts Celebrate Through Giving Back

by Jennifer Bullock on April 1, 2012 at 5:44 am

Area Girl Scouts are giving back to the community…

The Heart of Muskingum Service Unit gathered at Zanesville High School on Saturday to continue the organization’s 100 year anniversary. Service Unit Manager Debbie Poulton said the celebration focused on ways to serve others.

"We have Salvation Army, that we’re doing the craft bags for the people there. We have bookmarks and everything for the residents of Cedar Hill. And we have, just, we’re trying to give back for 100 years of all the stuff that they’ve given us," said Poulton.

The girls also made crafts for Christ’s Table and the Muskingum County Nursing Home. Poulton said there’s one thing she hopes the girls will take away from this event…

"To give back to the community, to teach the girls different ways to help other people. And if they can take one thing away from this, I would like to know that they know to give to the community because the community also gives to them."

More than 100 Girl Scouts participated in the celebration.