Jim Petro In Zanesville

by WHIZ Reporter on April 24, 2012 at 4:28 am

Jim Petro made a stop in the Y-Bridge City Tuesday.

The Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents spoke to members of the Zanesville Noon Rotary Club and discussed higher education.

Petro said the real crisis in higher education in the state is the need for students to complete their programs.

"We don’t have enough of our students that actually complete college. I’ll give you an example, less than 50% of those who enter a college or a university in Ohio– one of our public institutions, really never get a degree, they don’t complete, they don’t graduate, and when that happens, it’s really a waste of money," said Petro.

The state is investing $2.4 billion a year in higher education.

According to Petro, Ohio is below the national average for degree-attainment.

The chancellor spoke highly of Zane State College and their efforts to help students earn degrees and certifications.

"Zane State is probably one of the best in terms of completions across the state, so they are the exception, not the rule. They do very well, President Paul brown, does an outstanding job in getting students to get their degree– better than most," added Petro.

The former Ohio Attorney General, and Auditor of State was appointed to the Board of Regents in March of 2011.