Lake Isabella Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

by Jennifer Bullock on April 1, 2012 at 5:43 am

Easter Sunday is a week away, but festivities have already begun…

Kids brought their baskets to Lake Isabella on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt. Lake Trustee Teresa Little said more children participated than she expected.

"Last year was our first one, we had 70 some last year and this year we’ve had 105. And we just enjoy having all the kids and, you know, it’s something to do before we open," said Little.

Over 1,000 Easter eggs were hidden around the lake’s property, and kids weren’t the only ones having fun…

"I think the adults enjoy doing it just as much as having the little kids do it, at least I know I enjoy it… We just hope everybody has a good, a good Easter," said Little.

The lake plans to hold more community events in the near future.