Nichole Hannahs

Lorena Ready to Cruise

by Nichole Hannahs on April 19, 2012 at 11:31 am

The Lorena Sternwheeler is ready to set sail on another season.

The sternwheeler recently passed its Coast Guard inspection and is cleared to once again cruise the Muskingum River. While public rides won’t start until June, the boat that was in danger of being docked just seven years ago Those involved said it’s exciting to see it do so well.

"I would contribute that to captain that is very friendly and willingly to go the extra mile," said the Chamber of Commerce’s Kelly Ashby. "He’s wonderful with the passengers. We’ve also been doing marketing and just have enjoyed promoting the Sternwheeler at different trade shows, different advertising avenues and just have a great season."

Ashby said that 80-90 percent of those taking part in the sternwheeler’s dinner cruises are from out of town, which is why they’ve begun to have theme rides to promote other area attractions.

"When we package our different attractions. It just lets folks know that are coming in from out of the area how many things there are to take advantage of," said Ashby.  "It’s a great opportunity to not only ride the Lorena but realize there’s wonderful museums, the Wilds, there’s great attractions, there’s great shopping. It’s a wonderful way to package and let folks know there’s so many things to see and do in Muskingum County."

For more information on the Lorena Sternwheeler and its schedule visit the Chamber of Commerce website.