Meteorologist Wes Sass Says Goodbye

by Kelly Mills on April 19, 2012 at 12:31 pm

Wednesday night was a sad night for WHIZ. It was Chief Meteorologist Wesley Sass’ last show with us.

We thought we’d take a look back at his nine years at the station.

“I remember when you first started everyone thought you were maybe 16. No one really truly knows your age you’re like the ageless wonder,” says Aaron Spragg, former WHIZ sports anchor.

Wes came to WHIZ in February 2003, just in time for a huge blizzard.

“One of the first things I do remember about when you first arrived was we had severe weather that had came. You’d been here like a week and we got hit with a snow storm. I’ll never forget your first foray into doing the weather here on TV at WHIZ was during a major snow event,” says Brian Wagner, WHIZ meteorologist.

For almost a decade Wes shared with us a daily forecast. He also shared his weather knowledge with area students, volunteered to help local charities, went on train trips with viewers, and left us daily with a smile on our face.

“Wes, sure going to miss you. It’s been a great nine years, especially those conversations we had right before the news on Friday nights when you were pin pointing that golf forecast for me and all the guys out at Jaycees. Good Luck and we’ll see you around,” says George Hiotis, WHIZ news anchor.

“Wes we’re sorry to see you leave, but even though your forecasts couldn’t help George’s golf game, you certainly were a great part of the WHIZ Storm Team and WHIZ family, and we’re certainly going to miss you. I know you’ve made a lot of friends here in the Zanesville area and I know they’re going to miss you as well, but we all want to wish you the best,” says Hank Littick, WHIZ president.

“I want to wish you the best of luck in your endeavors as you head home to be closer to the family. I think that’s fantastic. And from one meteorologist to the other keep your eyes to the sky I’m sure you’ll enjoy being back home,”says Wagner.

“You know we always used to joke when I was here working and I think we continue to joke that you’re Mr. Perfect. You never messed up. While everyone else would flub up a little bit or do something crazy, or be messing with their hair on air- Wes you never messed up. You were like a robot. I don’t know what the deal was. We always thought you would go on to bigger and better things and it looks like you’re going to,” says Spragg.

“It’s been really great working with you over the years. We’ll really miss you here at WHIZ and all the best when you go to Iowa and I’m sure your family is going to be really happy to have you home again. And I’m really going to miss the times that we’ve played Mega Millions. I know that we thought we would win sometime, and hey I promise you if we do win I’ll make sure we Fed Ex you that bucket of nickels we promised you,” says Carolyn Fleegle, WHIZ anchor.

Wes will be moving home to Iowa to work at his family’s business.