OU-Z Professor Weighs in on Race for the White House

by WHIZ Reporter on April 17, 2012 at 5:34 am

An Ohio University Zanesville professor is giving his thoughts on the 2012 presidential race.

Tuesday, Dr. Jared Farley spoke to members of the Zanesville Noon Rotary Club, about the November election, and how it may play out over the next seven months.

Farley said the big determining factor for President Obama to win re-election, will be the state of the economy during the summer months.

"If we continue to get economic data, like we received in the first quarter of this year, [Obama’s] chances go up significantly, but if we have a down-turn again, over summer especially, it would look better for Mitt Romney," said Farley/

Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican presidential nominee with nearly 60% of the party delegates so far.

Farley also believes the Republican Party could see Ohio Senator Rob Portman, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie among others as potential choices for the vice presidential nomination.

"Chris Christie is a very interesting choice because it would probably strip new jersey out of the democratic column… and that’s not insignificant," added Farley.

Farley said it’s likely Obama will keep Joe Biden as his running mate, despite speculation of replacing him with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.