Park District Gives Update On Area Projects

by WHIZ Reporter on April 19, 2012 at 4:41 am

The Muskingum County Park District has been busy with new projects in our area.

On Thursday, Bonnie Dailey and other members of the park district met with Muskingum County Commissioners to discuss these improvements and provide updates.

Dailey said the new Rogge trail behind OU-Z and Zane State will be dedicated next month and will feature family activities and a presentation on blue birds.

"There are walking trails all back there, but there is a gravel trail that’s at the very edge of the woods, and so that connects to the sidewalks on campus, and that’s been upgraded from an uneven rock, to a more smooth surface, so that it’s more handicap-accessible and stroller-friendly," said Dailey.

Dailey said the park district is also working on the Muskingum Recreational Trail in Dresden, in which over two miles of new trail has been added.

With a small staff, Dailey said sometimes it can be a challenge to take on so many projects.

"We’re always busy, because we are really a small park district, and so it’s not like we have a staff of 5 or 10 or 100 people, so everyday is a challenge trying to get through all the things we have on our plate. It just happens that a lot of grants kind of came together at the same time, and are kind of finishing up at the same time," Added Dailey.

During the meeting, Dailey mentioned that the park district plans to develop a website in the near future.