Road Paving to Take Place By Summer

by Jennifer Bullock on April 16, 2012 at 4:14 am

Some county roads may receive makeovers by summer time…

The Muskingum County Engineer’s Office met with the County Commissioners Monday to present its annual paving projects for 2012. Two resurfacing projects were proposed for over 22 miles of roadway.

"This is something we do every year. We want to get it out early enough, so what needs paving can be done by the middle, end of July, that way the asphalt can cure out and we can actually get the striping," said Muskingum County Engineer Doug Davis.

One of the projects is on Norfield Road, and the other on Dietz Lane, Old River Road, Salt Creek Drive and Old Wheeling Road. Davis said it’s a lottery to determine which roads receive attention each year.

"We look at the pavement condition rating. So we’ve got radar roads every year to decide which roads are worse, we grade them and give them a letter grade, so we can look at those. So it may not always be a given that the most traveled road gets the asphalt first."

The projects are funded by grants through the Ohio Public Works Commission.