George Hiotis

Students Return After Bomb Threat At John Glenn High School

by George Hiotis on April 4, 2012 at 5:48 am

The New Concord Police Department is investigating a bomb threat at John Glenn High School . New Concord Police officer Trevor Hayes says a note was found around 2 p.m. and the school was evacauted.  Officer Hayes says he will not reveal where the note was found and what was written on it.  Hayes says a bomb sniffing dog from the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office was brought to the high school and did a sweep and nothing was found.  Now Hayes says he will continue to investigate who wrote the note and determine a motive.  East Muskingum Local Schools Superintendent Jill Johnson says the students evacuated the building orderly and students that drove to school were released and the others were taken to the middle school where they boarded their buses and were taken home.  Johnson says within an hour she made an all-call to parents and staff to explain what had occured.  Johnson says she also informed the rest of district staff on the incident.  School will be in session as normal on Wednesday.