Suicide Prevention Coalition Spreads Awareness

by Kelly Choate on April 26, 2012 at 8:44 am

"With Help Comes Hope" was the theme of Thursday night’s Suicide Awareness Banquet.

The event was hosted by members of the Suicide Prevention Coalition at Coburn United Methodist Church in Zanesville.  Dr. Vicki Whitacre said suicide is a preventable problem that took the lives of 16 people in Muskingum County last year.

"I don’t think people realize it, because no one talks about it," said Whitacre.  "Suicide is the last taboo.  People are very uncomfortable with that subject.  When families lose somebody, it’s exceedingly difficult for them."

The keynote speaker was Dr. Richard Greenlee of Ohio University-Zanesville.

"I would hope that people learn that if we act, it’s okay to ask people if they’re feeling suicidal," said Greenlee.  "If you find out they are, you want to make sure that they know where they can go to get help."

The Suicide Prevention Coalition is already planning its next event, which will feature a tailgate party and presentation by former Detroit Lions Quarterback Eric Hipple.