Surprise Party Held for Dresden Fire Chief

by WHIZ Reporter on April 7, 2012 at 9:54 am

The Fire Chief of the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department was treated to a surprise Saturday…

Members of the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department held a surprise party Saturday afternoon for Chief Carl Archer, who turned 70 years old.

Archer’s co-workers said wanted to recognize their Chief not only for his milestone birthday, but for his service to the community.

"We thought about this about two months ago, we started planning, we knew that he was turning 70 this year, and we figured we needed to do something special for him, and he just actually put in his 50 years a couple of years ago, so we needed to recognize him a little more," said party planner and EMT, Kayela Slate.

"He’s very dedicated. Very Dedicated, very experienced. I’ve seen the side where he needs to be rough and tough, and I saw him in the back of the squad one day and we had a child and he was just a big teddy bear," said EMT, Karen Crozier.

"His arms are just open. His office is open if you want to go talk to him. We’ve seen him get crazy when he needs to, but other times he’s just, like she said, a big teddy bear," added EMT, Jamie Crozier.

"I was completely surprised, when I came in here. I thought we must have had a run that I missed," said Chief Carl Archer, jokingly.

The event was held at the Dresden Volunteer Fire Department Garage, where he has served as Chief for over a half century.