Zane Grey Museum Opening Day

by Jennifer Bullock on April 29, 2012 at 8:49 am

An educational center re-opened Sunday after its winter break…

The National Road/Zane Grey Museum held "Zane Grey Day" to celebrate the beginning of its new season. Executive Director Keith Eberly said the weather was fitting for outdoor fun.

"This is a perfect day to start the new year. We could not have asked for a better year. Last year, the weather was not nearly as nice, it was drizzly, and we had over 300 people that day, so with a day like this, we’re expecting an even bigger turnout," said Eberly.

Volunteers put on activities that Zane Grey enjoyed himself.

"We have a group doing open campfire cooking, Dutch oven cooking. The Boy Scouts are here doing, reenacting Native American dance. The Girl Scouts are here doing some jewelry and beading work."

All proceeds benefit the museum’s educational programs.