Accidents Down This Memorial Day Weekend

by Jennifer Bullock on May 29, 2012 at 6:25 am

Highways were full of travelers this Memorial Day weekend…

The State Highway Patrol had to increase its enforcement to ensure road safety. Trooper Mike Forshey said there were 14 traffic accidents in the area over the weekend, and only a few resulted in minor injuries.

"Traffic from probably noon to 4pm, probably tripled the normal amount of traffic that we would normally see. And then from, I’m going to say from 4, 5, until about 8-9 o’clock, doubled again. It was just wall-to-wall traffic on the interstate last night," said Forshey.

Around 500 violations were handed out in the area, ranging from speeding tickets to those minor accidents. But Forshey said he’s pleased that alcohol was not a major factor.

"DUI arrests were down slightly, but when there’s no injury crashes, when there’s no alcohol-related crashes, that means they’re staying home or they’re getting designated drivers, which is exactly what we wanted."

There were 11 fatal accidents in the state, compared to 14 last year.