Bid Opening for Asphalt Resurfacing Project

by Kelly Choate on May 3, 2012 at 6:36 am

The Muskingum County Engineer’s Office is getting ready to select a contractor to resurface the roads.

On Thursday the commissioners opened bids for the 2012 Asphalt Resurfacing Project.  MCEO Communications Coordinator Brian Taylor said the Shelly Company and Shelly & Sands Inc. bid on the project.

"Basically it’s a monetary thing," said Taylor.  "We have a deadline on the project, so a timeline really doesn’t come into play.  We go out and look at the roads beforehand to check and see what factors are involved.  It’s up to the contractors to bid a price per ton on the asphalt."

The roads under consideration are Dietz Lane, Old River Road, Salt Creek Drive and Old Wheeling Road.  Taylor said the county uses a pavement condition rating system to choose the roads.

"It’s really a safety factor," said Taylor.  "We look at the roads that need to be resurfaced.  Some roads may have been paved ten years ago, but they don’t need to be paved just yet.  Others might have been paved seven years ago, but they need to be resurfaced now because of the average daily traffic."

The MCEO is already scouting roads to be included in the 2013 Asphalt Resurfacing Project.